Want to WIN More Customers? Think Like a “Professional Scout”

My son was a actual acceptable baseball player… acceptable abundant to play academy baseball. From the time he started top academy until he entered academy there were lots of scouts that showed up to his amateur to analysis him out. What were they searching for? They already had all of his stats on their clipboards (or on their iPads) and knew added about what he had done than we apparently even knew. So if they already had all the information, why were they there?

They were there to attending above all the stats and the advice accessible on an athlete… every advance had the aforementioned information. There had to be something abroad they were searching for that went able-bodied above the stats. What were they searching for and why did they advance the time to appear all the out to watch my son and added boys in person?

Before I accord you the answer, anticipate about this in agreement of your own business. You accept the aforementioned advice and letters anybody abroad does, just like all the scouts had the aforementioned advice on my son. If you alone go off your letters and information, again you are about aggressive on the aforementioned advice all your competitors have… there has to be something more… something altered if you are traveling to survive “commoditization.” If anybody has the aforementioned advice and can accomplish the aforementioned decisions, again the alone affair you are larboard with is amount and availability to differentiate… not a acceptable business strategy. This is aswell alleged “the chase to the bottom.”

From the customer’s point of view, they are searching at your artefact or service… specs. If anyone is searching for just the specs on the artefact or account you are alms and everyone’s specs “all attending the same,” you bigger be the cheapest or you will not win. This is artlessly arena in the “Commodity Game” of business. A lot of can’t win here… they die.

Back to the baseball scout… what is the one affair scouts attending for alfresco the stats that acquaint them this being is a “gem” a allotment of the asperous stones. HEART. If the amateur they are watching has affection and amazing drive and resiliency and an attitude that smells like a winner, they jump to the top of their list… even if they don’t accept the top stats. This is the capricious that either enhances or negates the stats on a player. Often times, this is the chief agency in selecting a amateur that can go to the next level.

This is what scouts are acceptable at and paid to do… analyze the players with heart. They attending for those that plan harder, accord the added effort, act as a baton on the team, abutment their teammates if the traveling gets tough, and are airy to defeat and failure. You can’t see any of this in the stats. If the scouts didn’t focus on these efforts and alone went with the stats, teams wouldn’t charge them. Today, we can get added abstracts on an alone amateur today than anytime before… and it’s readily accessible to everyone.

Scouts absorb endless hours on the alley searching at athletes to validate the stats they see on cardboard and to appraise their affection to see if they can handle the pressures of above alliance sports. That’s their job. That’s how they adjudge the winners that will go to the next akin and accept a top amount of abeyant success.

What does all this accept to do with your customers? Your barter are the scouts!

Customers can get all the “stats” they anytime bare to actuate which products/services are acceptable and not so good. They can analysis out the appearance and allowances of any accustomed artefact or account able-bodied afore they anytime accept to allocution to you… just like the scouts. And if that’s all they use to accomplish their decision, again they are about adage they appearance you as a “commodity” after differentiation. If this happens, they go to the next belief to accomplish their decision… amount and availability.

But alive that “Heart” is what makes the chief agency for a scout, they can’t seek for this online… or can they? I accept barter can “find the heart” of your alignment and adjudge if they wish to accompany a accord with you able-bodied afore you apperceive they exist.

How? First, they can allocution to humans either in being or around (through their amusing media networks) about you. They can acquisition out from them if you accept “heart” if it comes to ambidextrous with them. What affectionate of acquaintance do you offer? How does it “feel” to plan with your organization? Why should I accept this one over addition one in “your opinion?” These are all “heart questions” that abeyant barter ask BEFORE they anytime appoint with your organization.

What answers will your abeyant barter get from your accepted and accomplished customers? This is one of the a lot of admired questions any business buyer or administration aggregation can acknowledgment today.

What is the “heart of your organization?” Everything abroad is just abstracts anybody can get and it’s the aforementioned abstracts all your competitors accept accessible on the seek engines as well… NO DIFFERENTIATION… the article allotment of any business. However, what they can alone get from you and your alignment is to actuate what your “heart” is. It is based on the blazon of acquaintance they admiration to have.

The key catechism every baton needs to acknowledgment is, “Will you accomplish them feel the way they wish to feel if they collaborate with you?” If you don’t apperceive the acknowledgment to this catechism with 100% accuracy, you can’t be differentiated or different in the eyes of your chump after aggressive absolutely on price. But if you do apperceive the acknowledgment to this catechism and you can bear it to your customers, you will be beheld as UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT FROM ALL YOUR COMPETITION.

Change your mindset and apprehend your barter (and abeyant customers) anticipate like a pro scout. They are alone searching for one thing… YOUR HEART. Everything abroad is just a article that can be bent based on amount and availability. Show them an acquaintance that will “blow them away” and is “memorable” and “unforgettable.” Do this, and the advance (your customers) bethink you and you move to the top of their list. No you accept accurate adverse in the eyes of your customer… and this takes you out of the article game.

Companies like Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Starbucks, Ace Hardware, and a host of others ample this out a while ago… which is now allotment of their DNA and why they are beheld as differentiated from their competition. They are no best beheld as a commodity. You can too… if you alpha creating an alignment that has “heart” that your barter can see, feel, and appreciate.